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  • Londen 2012
  • Frank Hosmar
    Stal 't Entmeer
    Oude Deventerweg 1a
    7448 RK Haarle

    T: 06 50280761

    Officiële aankondiging sponsoring Bliss of London

    Tijdens de Almelose Ruiterdagen 2012 kwam al het spontane aanbod van Bliss of London om Frank met Alphaville te sponsoren.

    Officiële aankondiging sponsoring Bliss of London - 19-10-2012

    Door heel snel schakelwerk van Bliss of London had Frank nog net voor de Paralympische spelen in Londen zijn nieuwe, door Bliss of London gesponsorde zadel binnen. Hieronder staat het persbericht dat deze week is uitgegaan van Bliss of London over de ondersteuning van Frank en Alphaville richting Rio 2016. We zijn onder de indruk van de mooie woorden en erg dankbaar voor deze ondersteuning!

    New Sponsorship with Frank Hosmar, London 2012 Paralympic Medallist.

    Finally we can now announce our partnership with Frank Hosmar and his breath-taking 7yo horse Alphaville.

    Due to the stringent rules regarding sponsorship throughout the Olympic Games we have had to wait until now to announce our support.

    Frank is based in the Netherlands at his own stable ‘Stable' t Entmeer’. He is also a trainer / instructor and guides his pupils with passion, enthusiasm and commitment, whilst training himself with Olympic medallist Adelinde Cornelissen.

    Frank is particularly tall, so it was important that we designed and made a saddle that would not be restrictive for him but gave him the freedom and control that he required. The Paramour Dressage was Franks saddle of choice from the Bliss collection. The saddle becomes almost transparent with the special closeness the Paramour Dressage delivers.

    Frank said "My new Paramour saddle fits like a glove, Alphaville has more shoulder freedom and the seat is like a chair giving me great support!"

    We have chosen Frank to team with because of his beautiful riding and teaching ability and empathy with his horses. Values we hold with high regard. We look forward to a supporting Frank in the years ahead and hopefully to Rio 2016. Our Dutch saddle fitting consultant Heleen Klumper will be also be working with Frank in providing a saddle service plan to give Frank and Alphaville all the support that they need.

    Officiële aankondiging sponsoring Bliss of London - 19-10-2012
    Officiële aankondiging sponsoring Bliss of London - 19-10-2012

    Datum: 19 oktober 2012

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